Brownsburg-Chatham council has approved a project to analyse and revise the mission of the municipal Urbanism and Sustainable development department.

Director-General Hervé Rivet said the department and its staff are experiencing a lot of stress and pressure that needs to be relieved. He wants to identify what changes should be made and change the organizational culture to better serve citizens.

The review is part of a plan to make improvements to how the municipality interacts with citizens seeking services.

“We want people who deal with the city of Brownsburg-Chatham to say they had a good experience,” said Rivet.

Arena renovations needed

The entire ceiling at the Gilles Lupien Arena needs to be replaced.  Moisture and mold have caused damage, but Rivet emphasized it is not a health hazard.

Brownsburg-Chatham has an agreement with the MRC d’Argenteuil that allows residents of other municipalities to use its arena.

To pay for the ceiling replacement, Brownsburg-Chatham will advance $25,000 to the MRC and it will oversee the work.  The MRC will reimburse Brownsburg-Chatham most of the funds except for the portion it is responsible for under the agreement.

Rivet estimated that amount is approximately 15 to 20 per cent of the cost.