To The Editor,

I would like to add my own response to the recent article outlining both Lemieux and Drouin’s responses to the SNC Lavalin ethics commissioner report as the NDP candidate for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell:

The NDP called for an ethics investigation when the SNC Lavalin affair first came into the public consciousness. We accept the findings of this non-partisan report. This is the second time that Trudeau has been found in violation of the conflict of interest act, and we find it very troubling that he will not apologize and claims that if he thinks he had a good reason a prime minister should be above the law.

I also find it very troubling that Scheer has refused to point blank say he wouldn’t have done the exact same thing had he been prime minister at the time. In April of this year the Conservatives joined the Liberals (including Drouin) in voting against an NDP motion opposing corporate influence over government ( According to CTV News both the Liberals and Conservatives received maximum donations from chairs of over 20 large corporations last year.

The Conservatives have absolutely no credibility here. Both of the parties that have formed government in Canada are ultimately loyal to their corporate friends and not the working people who keep this country going and I am frankly sick of it. We deserve better than that.

Konstantine Malakos