After a winter away, Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel told council it was time to wake up the moose and get him installed in a nice location.

At their most recent meeting, Champlain councillors approved the installation of the moose next to the L’Orignal village welcome sign, in a landscaped setting, at a cost of $13,305.75, HST included.

Champlain Public Works director said he obtained some prices for the installation and said it was not as simple a task as it first appeared. The selected design, by Scherer Gardening, has the moose installed on a large boulder platform at about five feet high.

A lower portion of the installation gives people a place to sit for photo opportunities and in all, the work should serve to beautify the entrance to L’Orignal.

The moose was purchased last year from Méo Bicycle/Flea Market on Highway 17 and was installed for a time on the roof of the L’Orignal pumping station, but some felt that the visibility was not good enough there and in addition, people were climbing up onto the moose. “They were on the roof,” said L’Orignal councillor Jacques Lacelle.

The addition of lighting was discussed, with  Vankleek Hill Councillor Peter Barton suggesting that care be taken to install the lighting appropriately so that the drivers of passing vehicles did not mistake it (the moose) for the real thing.

Longueuil Councillor Violaine Tittley asked if measures to discourage vandalism had been considered.

“That is why we want up,” answered McMahon.

The work will be financed with funds from the approximately $599,000 one-time supplementary gas tax rebate which is to be earmarked for infrastructure improvements. There was a mention of Longueuil ward’s $31,000 reserve fund but no motion was made to use part of those funds.

Champlain Township purchased the fibreglass moose for $5,000 in April 2018.

Riopel pointed out that the village sign would be replaced in the future to indicate the name of the village, but to add “Champlain Township” to the signage.