To The Editor,

I would just like to to thank our Vankleek Hill volunteer Fire Department for coming to the rescue of a self-confessed crazy cat lady’s five-year-old cat, Tuggy. Somehow in the wee hours of the night, one of my family’s 4 fourbeloved cats got out onto the roof of our house through a slightly opened screenless window! He somehow managed to crawl up an awfully steep roof to the peak and perch himself precariously around the attic air vent.

When I went to feed the gang first thing in the morning, Tuggy was missing! Thinking he had stayed outside overnight , I went out to call him in, only to hear his cries from the roof. Panic set in as I had no idea how to get him down.  I realized  that being afraid of heights, I would have to call the fire department. I called Mike Martin right away and to my relief he arrived at the house literally within two minutes! He assessed the classic cat on the roof/tree situation and promptly put out a non urgent call to the team. Again within minutes several firefighters and the pump/ ladder truck arrived. Despite being distraught and somewhat embarrassed about my cat’s safety and having to call in the fire department, all six volunteers who came were so helpful and reassuring that this was no problem for them. As they were assessing the approach to get up the roof, Tuggy miraculously slid down to the open window and manoeuvred his way back in the house!! I literally cried from relief!! I think the mere presence of our amazing, calm and dedicated volunteer firefighters made the cat realize hey I should get off this roof ASAP!!!

I can’t thank everyone enough who came out and took the time to help a cat and family in distress! It solidified my belief that this is an amazing  community and that all our volunteer firefighters are heroes for doing what they do , no matter how great or small the job is!! Huge kudos to them today and every day!!

Donovan Bigus,
Vankleek Hill