Running in colour

The 2019 edition of the Colour Family Run takes place on August 25 at 2 p.m. in Limoges.  The three-kilometre fun event, where participants get sprayed with non-toxic dyes is presented by the Centre communitaire de santé de l’Estrie and all proceeds go to the Limoges Firefighters Association.

On July 22, Council approved the run route through village streets, beginning and ending on Limoges Road near the intersections with Main and des Pins streets.

Participants must be aged 3 and up.  Registration costs $16.93 per person and must be done online at

Anyone who wants to volunteer at the Colour Family Run in Limoges should contact Sylvain Thibault at 613-557-2210, extension 224 or email [email protected] or by calling Véronique Fortier at 613-360-2754 or by email at [email protected]

Industrial land sold

The Review recently reported that La Nation had sold three lots in the municipality’s new Innovation Commercial Park near Limoges and the Calypso waterpark, and we now know who purchased the properties.

Council approved the purchases when it met on July 22.  According to municipal planning documents, a numbered company with the surname Lavoie attached to it has purchased two parts at a cost of $92,500 for a woodworking shop.  A welding workshop will be locating on two other parts purchased by a numbered company with Burelle as an associated surname.  The purchase price for those lots was $86,475.76.

Robocat Holdings Inc. has purchased two parts for $74,500 for a mechanical garage.

The documents do not specify how much exact acreage each company purchased.

The minimum purchase price per acre in the park is $37,500.  There are approximately 20 two-acre lots in the 65-acre commercial park.

Internet tower to gain height

On July 22, council granted permission to internet service provider Xplornet Communications Inc. to increase the height of its tower on County Road 10 in Fournier.

Xplornet wants to improve its rural internet service and plans to increase the height of the tower from the current 76 feet to 100 feet.