Agriculture industry representatives recently met in Québec City with provincial and federal agriculture ministers and a local agricultural leader was one of the people in attendance.

Réjean Pommainville, a member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) Board of Directors from the Limoges area, attended the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s Industry-Government Roundtable on July 18.  Pommainville attended as an observer representative for the OFA due to his connections with the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), the largest farm organization in Québec.

Political tensions, particularly with the US and China, and their effect on trade, were among the topics addressed at the meeting.  Pommainville called that situation “something out of the ordinary.”

The CFA has been advocating for risk management programs to help farmers cope with the consequences of challenges coming from disruptions in international trade.

At the Québec City meeting, the CFA also presented its Producing Prosperity in Canada document to the ministers.  It contains several recommendations for governments to implement in support of the agri-food sector across the country.

Pommainville said the set of recommendations originated with the OFA and was later adopted by the CFA.

The CFA is anticipating the document will lead to considerable discussion between farm organizations, and the provincial and federal governments.