What do you do with old t-shirts?  Why not make a bag?  The Champlain Library will be offering an activity on Thursday July 18 at 2:00 pm for kids ages 11 and older which will show kids how to make a tote bag out of a t-shirt.

Recycling is always better than throwing things away and it is a great idea to make a t-shirt bag that can be used over and over again.  T-shirt bags are lightweight and elastic and are machine washable.  They can also hold many different items as they conform to the shape of the objects.

So whether you need a bag for groceries, library books or sports clothes, come by the Champlain Library  and make yourself a tote bag. The activity is free for kids 11 years and older and is part of the library’s Summer Reading Club.  For more information or to register contact the library at 613-678-2216 or visit the website at www.bc-cl.ca.