To The Editor,

I had an interesting conversation with a friend on Main Street today. The friend was giving me some sound advice on a project I am working on when in the middle of the conversation my friend said “I know we have had our differences, but I appreciate your support” while she was supporting my project. I replied that having different opinions makes life interesting and it would be pretty boring if everyone agreed all the time.

As I left, I continued to think about the comment and wondered why it is that people often take offense or feel offense will be taken when opinions differ. It would be easy to blame the current political process where everyone who disagrees is bad and those who agree are good but that would be too easy. I wonder if the pace of life has made us lose that part of our humanity that allows us to disagree on things without creating a divide between us. Perhaps our frazzled state is causing us to see disagreement as a belittling of our own status.

It seems to me that disagreements often take on heightened importance when civility, respect and courtesy leave the room. Just thinking……

Ken Duff,
Vankleek Hill

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