Champlain Township ends 2018 with $217,854 surplus

Champlain Township has ended 2018 with a $217,854 surplus.

The township collected $13,651,589 in taxes in 2018, a 4.8 per cent increase over 2017, when $13,031,514 was collected.

After remitting the counties’ share of taxes and school board taxes, the township had a net taxation of $7,226,236 for its operations and capital expenditures.

User fees were $4,344,457 in 2018, up from $3,660,413 in 2018, representing an 18.7 per cent increase. Government grants and payments from other municipalities, plus investment income minus a loss on disposal of tangible assets ($2,192,142), created actual revenues of $15,636,576, compared to $16,151,551 for 2017.

Champlain Township’s expenses totalled $15,459,976, compared to $12,642,391 in 2017. The largest increase inside this amount was $4,892,088 for transportation (roads), which was $2,837,296 in 2017. About $2 million of the 2018 amount was for High Street work, which was financed by Ontario government funding.

Recreation and cultural services cost $1,619,651 in 2018, up from $1,323,541 in 2017. Planning and zoning cost $499,927 in 2018, an increase from $251,636. Champlain Township is currently seeking to hire the services of a senior planner. It lost its part-time planner some time ago and has been using contracted services in recent months.

At the end of 2017, the township’s reserves stood at $2,418,296, up from $2,076,589 at the end of 2016. But for 2018, total reserves were $3,096,553.

The Champlain Township Library ended 2018 with a $2,165 operating deficit, compared to a $7,513 operating surplus for 2017. Revenues for 2018 were $196,547, compared to $194,070 in 2017. The municipal contribution was $169,547, compared to $166,139 in 2017. Non-resident fees, book fees, memberships and fines were $3,659 in 2018, a decreased from $4,506 in 2017. Expenses were $202,125 in 2018, compared to $214,458 in 2017; the 2018 expense amount is less than the $204,531 in expenses incurred in 2016.

Library salaries, wages and benefits increased to $120,326 for 2018, up from $108,435 in 2017.

Louise Sproule

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