On May 12, Mother’s Day, about 15 members of the eHawkesbury eClean volunteer group  descended upon Cyr Park in Hawkesbury and picked up 15 garbage bags worth of litter. The event was sponsored by Déjà Vu Restaurant and each volunteer received a $10 gift certificate redeemable at Déjà Vu on Main Street. The event organizers, Paula Assaly, Signe Kovac and Stephen Sockett have reached out to businesses in Hawkesbury to get their support in cleaning up the town and businesses have responded! Thank you to the Jewel 107.7 FM for its continued support.

According to the organizers, Cyr Park is ideally located in a strategic location in that it is central, very close to the bridge (that sees 22,000 cars cross it daily) and bordering on the bank of the beautiful Ottawa River. Cyr Park is in an ideal location for tourists and locals to enjoy nature and clean open spaces. It is also a select location for a pair of nesting bald eagles. The park lends itself to family, groups and single user activities like canoeing, kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, baseball, frisbee, bird watching, walking, picnicking and even has a secure, clean and very friendly dog park!

It would be nice if municipal councillors attended the events or at least supported it by encouraging all Hawkesburians to participate in making the town a better looking version of itself rather than campaign every four years full of promises. Paula Assaly and Tony Tsourounakis set a beautiful example by attending the clean-up despite it being Mother’s Day. In fact, Assaly helped organize a similar clean-up on November 11, 2018 and then attended the Hawkesbury memorial services, making it a full day.

The next cleanup is scheduled for May 19 at 10 a.m. at 1 Main Street (intersection of McGill and Main Street). The invitation is extended to students looking for volunteer hours, parents interested in demonstrating the environmental values to their children that they preach, people who are looking to contribute to their community, people looking to meet forward-thinking and like-minded people or anyone wanting to rid the town of the mountains of litter that seem to plague us. Each participant will receive a gift certificate redeemable at Sports Experts in Hawkesbury. Not only is Sports Experts an ideal physical retailer that can satisfy most athletic and apparel needs it has also always been a big supporter of local organizations and events. Thank you, Sports Experts!

These eHawkesbury eClean events will see nine public locations beautified through volunteer action. If you know of any other locations that could benefit from a mass litter pick-up, then please contact us at 613-307-8988 or email us at [email protected] Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/ehawkesbury/. Like and share the group, add comments, share pictures and be part of this positive change.