To The Editor,

A world without fossil fuels is not going to happen any time soon. The planet is more stuck in oil than that baby duck pictured coated in crude. To this day America is fighting wars to control oil rich countries and planning new ones constantly. Such as in Venezuela, Iran and Russia. The military industry runs on oil and thrives on the power it gives over nations. That is not going away.

Using one barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude as example (42 US gallons), about 75% (31 gal.) is made into diesel and gasoline motor fuels. Another 10% or four gallons becomes aviation fuel. It takes a lot of refining to fill the tanks on Mr. Trudeau’s jet when flying from Ottawa to Tofino to catch a wave. Without motor fuel, jet fuel is not viable. Nor would be the plastics which are made from residue and needed as insulators for electric power. Eliminating plastics also eliminates the possibility of the much dreamed of electric vehicles. Gone too would be asphalt, another side effect from refining and the principle coating for roadways.

I could carry on: printer’s ink, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, and such minor items as heating oil. To eliminate the major portion of the refining process while keeping the byproducts cannot happen. We are stuck in fossil fuels. Without them no part of what we now take for granted could exist. Oil has brought the world to where it is, and is woven into everybody’s daily lives; for better in some cases, for worse in others.

But CO2 is the devil and must be eliminated. It is the reason our planet will over heat in only a few short years, is it not? Most scientists agree. If that is so, our leaders personally show no signs of taking the calamity seriously. And it is worth remembering that not long ago, nine out of 10 doctors recommended smoking Pall Malls.

In researching the Little Ice Age including the Maunder and Dalton Minimums, the Dalton ended in 1830, a shortage of CO2 is never given as a reason as to why these cold periods happened. Lack of sunspots, volcanic eruptions, magnetic shifts and jet stream activity are mentioned. Not a word on low CO2. Nor is increased CO2 considered a significant factor in the subsequent re-warming of Earth after these minimums.

This carbon tax is simply a cash grab; a way for governments to get more money to toss at the real crisis facing all countries: their out of control 260 trillion (US$) combined debt load. Impossible to pay off, with interest compounding daily.

If the future looks dim, the cause is not carbon dioxide. It is because the next generations are saddled with crippling debts, turning all into defacto indentured servants.
Learning to adapt is the key to surviving climate change. Taking more hard-earned money from common folk only makes the whole situation worse.

Gordon Fraser,