The worst of the flood may be just about over for the City of Lachute. Today’s press release from the municipality confirms that the water level of the Rivière du Nord is going down and it is expected that this will begin to show in the affected areas during the next few days.

But the municipality is quick to point out that a second flood caused by rising water levels in that river is still possible. Residents are being told to keep sandbags and other barriers in place.

Emergency services are still in place in critical areas and will remain on standby to assure the safety of residents.

Much of today’s statement focused on clean-up, after the flood waters have receded.

The City of Lachute will add additional garbage collection days for residents in areas affected by the flood. Hazardous items such as aerosol, propane, paint, solvents, etc. must be taken directly to the waste management depot at 601 Félix-Touchette in Lachute.

When the time comes, residents can place sand bags at the edge of the street, on the asphalt, to enable pick-up. Residents are asked to not place them on grass areas. In rural areas, sandbags can be placed on the shoulder of the road. At all times, residents are reminded that sandbags should not be placed in the way of vehicle traffic. The municipality will collect and treat the sandbags. For bulk sand, residents are asked to make a pile of sand at the edge of the roadway. The municipality advises that under no circumstances should bulk sand or the sand from sandbags be used for levelling yards, filling holes or cracks or added to water courses.

For damages to residences, the municipality recommends the following:

Contact the  City of Lachute reception desk to register on the list of property-owners affected by flooding.

Call your insurance company to find out if you are insured for this type of claim and/or damages.

Take complete photos of belongings and property which have been damaged as a result of the flood.

A City of Lachute building inspector will make an appointment with property owners for next steps.

In the meantime, the emergency shelter at the Kevin Low/Pierre Pagé Arena at 80 Hamford Avenue remains open for rest, shelter, showers, food and psychosocial support.

The municipality reminds residents that it is keeping the public up to date via social media posts, the Voila application and its website.