Since the beginning of the floods, the Township of Harrington has had all of its teams at work to guarantee the safety of citizens.The municipality issues a statement at about 4:30 p.m. on April 25 to correct false information which it said had been circulating on social media and in other media.

At present, about 60 residences are surrounded by water in the area of chemin de la rivière Maskinongé River and 37 residences on Beaven Lake Road. Five secondary residences are currently flooded in these same areas. For security reasons, on Monday, the municipality closed the Beaven Lake Road, a secondary road connecting to Highway 327, in the Township of Harrington — to White Road, in the municipality of Arundel. This path also crosses the municipality of Montcalm and the Beaven River. At the time of closure, the water level on the road had reached 60 centimeters, making the passage of emergency vehicles impossible.

All residents of the sector were immediately informed about the closure and evacuation of their homes with boats provided by the municipality was offered to them. As of April 24, none of the residences of this sector was in danger of flooding, but many residents had to cross the flood waters by boat to get to their residences.

The Beaven Lake Road is an area subject to spring flooding and is flooded on average every two or three years when the river water exceeds its banks and Lake Beaven reaches a critical level. Part of the Rouge River Road is also closed from 665, chemin de la Rivière Rouge to 270 chemin de la Rivière  Rouge (Harrington Nursery). Between the municipality of Arundel and the the Township of Harrington, a detour is in place, by White Road, because Route 327 is flooded and is closed for several kilometres.