Following last Friday’s heavy rainfall and water levels rising in the Ottawa River and in nearby creeks and streams, Clarence-Rockland is advising its residents to leave sandbags in place until May 15, 2019. Sandbags were made available late last week in light of rising water levels.

A press release sent out by the municipality at 6 p.m. on April 22 related that the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board has just announced that the river will continue to rise over the next week. It is predicted to peak on April 29th at one foot higher than today.
This brings it to a level of 43.3 meters, which is what was expected originally.

This level is still lower than 2017. It appears that everyone is currently adequately protected however, sand and bags will continue to be available. A city employee will continue to monitor the at risk sites in the morning and evening. Everyone MUST leave their sandbags in place until May 15th as previously recommended, the municipality emphasized.