­­The annual induction dinner for the Glengarry Agricultural Wall of Fame takes place on Friday, April 26, at the Metcalfe Centre in Maxville, Ontario. The evening begins with a social hour at 6:30 p.m. followed by dinner and presentations at 7:30 p.m. This year’s inductees are Benoît Duchesne, Carmin Howes, Brian MacNaughton and Carman Rowe. Here is a profile of inductee Dr. Brian MacNaughton.

Brian MacNaughton was born on a Williamstown area dairy farm on August 12, 1954. He first attended the one-room school on the fourth concession of Charlottenburgh Township in 1960, graduating from Char-Lan District High School as an Ontario Scholar in 1973. He spent three years in the science program at the University of Guelph, followed by four years at the Ontario Veterinary College. He worked his first year following graduation (1980) with Martintown vet Jim Alguire and then went into practice on his own for the next 33 years.  His practice was located first in a rented house, then out of his home on Maple Road and then from a clinic he constructed on Highway 34 in 1999.

Renowned as a mixed-animal veterinarian located in South Glengarry, with a nation-wide recognition for his specialty in dairy cattle, his practice encompassed clients across several counties, from the St. Lawrence River to Highway 417 and the Quebec border to Ingleside.  A former president of the Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners, MacNaughton was also the recipient of that organization’s Vet Service Award in 2013 for, “outstanding service and dedication to the Ontario bovine industry.”

Dr. MacNaughton died of cancer in September 2014, yet his clinic still operates today under the guidance of his wife Yvette (nee Lalonde, married Jan. 19, 1974), who partnered with him throughout all of his endeavours, combined with raising their daughters. The couple lost one child, who died as an infant. Incredibly loyal to his friends and community, Dr. MacNaughton understood the personal pain of tragedy, and despite his busy professional life, was always at the wake or funeral for anyone who suffered a loss.

His calm, caring manner, combined with a great sense of humour was admired by all of his clients, whether dairy farmers or dog owners.  Retired dairy producer Micky MacDonald from Williamstown once quipped that, “You used to hope a cow would get sick, so you could have a visit with Brian”.  He worked incredibly long hours, always cheerful, with his family recounting how he would often, “leave in the middle of a family meal to treat a cow with milk fever”.

MacNaughton’s professional contribution to the dairy veterinary sector is so admired by his peers across the nation that they have set up the Brian MacNaughton Achievement Award.  The forming of a national organization, always on MacNaughton’s radar, is now a reality with the creation of this award.  “He (MacNaughton) understood that a national voice would be beneficial for bovine vets and their profession, for the dairy and beef cattle industry and for associated agribusiness,” reads the citation calling for the 2018 nominations for this award.

Tickets for the Wall of Fame dinner are $35 per person. Admission for children costs $15. Members of the Agricultural Wall of Fame who will have tickets to sell are: Robert D. MacDonald (613-525-3471); Dougall MacLeod (613-525-2327); Warren MacIntosh (613-527-5355); Jack Fraser (613-527-2572); Ray Howes (613-528-4320); Clark McCuaig (613-347-2653); Walter McIntosh (613-528-4694); Carolyn McRae (613-347-2698) and Sharon McDonell (613-347-3981).