The Township of East Hawkesbury is looking to replace firefighters after several recent resignations.

Township Chief Administrative Officer Luc Lalonde confirmed that Fire Chief Dominic Normand resigned on March 20 and that three other firefighters have also resigned. The Review had received an anonymous tip about the three resignations and this week, heard there was a fourth resignation.

Lalonde would not give any insight into the reasons for the resignations and would only say they were for personal reasons.

Normand had served as chief since February 2012.  Deputy Chief Jean-François Santerre is in charge on an interim basis.

A meeting was held with the firefighters on March 27 to advise them of the situation.

According to Lalonde, the firefighters were told that the chief’s position is vacant and that they may apply if they have the proper qualifications.

Lalonde said the township is planning to appoint a new fire chief from within the fire department, rather than advertising the position externally.

East Hawkesbury has three fire stations.  They are in St-Eugène, Chute-à-Blondeau, and Ste-Anne-de-Prescott.