To The Editor,

If I was a merchant on Main Street in Vankleek Hill, this winter, I am not sure I would still be in business by the time spring arrives. The town has been hit hard by the rain and snow we had this year, however the effort by the town to keep the daily business section accessible is most lacking.

There have been times when the snow has been pushed to the side without follow-up removal, only to let the subsequent rain turn the curb into a bank of ice. This is either impossible for some to traverse or just plain dangerous. Then, when mild spells arrive, the unattended curbside drains are unable to remove the water. The priority of removing the snow from Pendleton to Stanley on Main Street is a must as it is on High Street to Mill.

Could it be that are twp councillors representing Vankleek Hill in Champlain Township who don’t get to see the workday issues that face the merchants and the citizens that count on them?

Dennis King,
Vankleek Hill