The ninth edition of the Course Relay Argenteuil takes place on Saturday, May 4, 2019, departing from École Polyvalente Lavigne, 452 Avenue d’Argenteuil in Lachute.
The 100-kilometre course is divided into 17 sections where your team can change up the runners doing each section or a runner can do a section alone.

New this year is a 50-kilometre walk, divided into nine sections, which can be done by several or one member of your team at a time.
This event is a fundraiser for the “Fondation Espoir Jeunesse Argenteuil”, which supports youths facing mental health challenges.

You can register online here: is​

There are several categories. Women and men’s teams can consist of two to six participating. A Mixed team must consist of at least two women or one man.  The ultramarathon category is for a single participant (may bring a stroller).

Le P’tit extra category is for teams of two to 20 persons, doing a part or all of the course. The “Virtual” category is for a group of persons wanting to form a team but who cannot physically take part in the course. There will be acknowledgement for the person or team who raises the most funds.

A one-kilometre category exists for youths who want to participate in the “Rythme du Nord” category. These participants leave between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. and can register on-site. The cost is just $5.

For the new 50-kilometre walk, teams can consist of six to 8 walkers, either three or four pairs of two walkers who alternate sections.

The ultramarathon walk is for a single participant (may bring a stroller).

There is a choice of three departure times, depending upon how quickly you expect to complete the course.

There will be food served on site and there will be medals of participation, photos and more for participants!
You can register for these events on the website.