Residents from across South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) 4,384 square-kilometer jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario can now purchase over-the-counter trees directly from the Conservation Authority at a subsidized cost until Friday, February 8, 2019.

The price per seedling can be as low as $0.58 depending on the species, and a minimum of 100 seedlings in multiples of 50 per species can be ordered while supplies last. SNC’s over-the-counter trees are locally sourced and are native stock to Ontario.

The remaining tree species available for purchase are: Silver maple, Poplar, Black willow, Red and White pine and cedar, as well as Norway and White spruce.

“Based on our orders to date, over 145,000 trees will be added to SNC’s jurisdiction in 2019,” says Cheyene Brunet, SNC’s Forestry Technician. “This brings the total amount of trees planted by SNC to 3.2 million since 1990.”

New for this year, SNC has also added funds to help property owners plant more trees alongside watercourses and farm fields.

The new subsidy is for tree plantings alongside riparian (watercourse) areas or windbreaks (alongside farm fields). Riparian tree planting protects water quality by acting as an organic filter between land and water, while windbreak planting provides wind shelter and protects soil
from erosion.

Property owners with larger open planting areas of at least 2.5 acres can also receive additional cost savings by purchasing trees from SNC through a partnership with Forest Ontario. The program provides seedlings, planting, and site preparation and tending for a $0.20 fee per tree for conifers and $0.50 fee per tree for deciduous.

“Trees provide many unique benefits; they add aesthetic appeal, provide shade and can even increase property value,” said Cheyene Brunet, SNC’s Forestry Technician. “Plus, planting trees is a great way to protect the environment and enhance local forest cover.”

The 2019 order form as well as more information on SNC’s forestry services can be found here:

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Cheyene Brunet, SNC Forestry Technician, [email protected], 1-877-984-2948, ext. 295.