The Arctic-type weather on Saturday, January 19 didn’t stop local snowmobilers and winter motorsports fans from gathering at Lake George (located between Lefaivre and Treadwell) for the eighth annual Snowmobile Drag Races on both snow and ice. Officially, 117 competitors, the youngest being 14 years old, battled on the 660-feet distance to see who had the fastest sled.

Official spokesperson, Sabrina Lalonde, declared, “Once again, this year’s event was better than expected. The cold weather didn’t stop the racers to show up. Ian Legault, the youngest racer registered this year won the “Driver of the Day” purse. Thanks to our local sponsors without whom such an event couldn’t happen, our volunteers and a special thanks to Dominique Ippersiel, our official photographer who stayed out in the biting cold to take pictures.”

Here are the official results:

600 Stock: 1st- #25 Francis Rivest
2nd- #17 Marc-Andre Boucher
600 Pro-Stock: 1st- #10G Sebastien Gauthier
2nd- #181 Nic Gauthier
600 Open-Mod: 1st- #245 Philippe Alarie
2nd- #10G Sebastien Gauthier
700 Stock: 1st- #61 Team 61
2nd- #25 Francis Rivest
700 Improved: 1st- #245 Philippe Alarie
2nd- #61 Team 61
700 Pro-Stock: 1st- #245 Philippe Alarie
2nd- #10G Sebastien Gauthier
800 Stock: 1st- #61 Team 61
2nd- #8X Marcel Fleury
800 Improved: 1st- #11 Michel Hamelin
2nd- #8 Rory Clarke
800 Pro-Stock: 1st: #X11X Serge Parent
2nd- #11 Michel Hamelin
800 Open-Mod: 1st- #11 Michel Hamelin
2nd- #61 Team 61
1000 Stock: 1st- #8X Marcel Fleury
2nd- #61 Team 61
1000 Improved: 1st- #11 Michel Hamelin
2nd- #8 Rory Clarke
1000 Pro-Stock: 1st- #X11X Serge Parent
2nd- #23 Stephane Ranger
1000 Pro-Mod: 1st- #23 Stephane Ranger
2nd- #420 Rick Guilbeault
1000 Open-Mod:1st- # 23 Stephane Ranger
2nd- #420 Rick Guilbeault
Open: 1st- #67 Marcel Roy
2nd- #23 Stephane Ranger

Text and pictures by S.Lauwers


The #245 machine owned by Philippe Alarie won the honors in both 700 Improved and 700 Pro-Stock classes on the ice division at the 8th annual Snowmobile drags.

Event promoters, brothers Sébastien and Jonathan C. Ruest as well as Jeremie Lamarche are once again extremely satisfied with this year’s Snowmobiles drags edition.