The village of Grenville is looking for a few good firefighters.

Grenville has a part-time department, meaning its firefighters are volunteers who get paid only for training hours and when responding to calls.

The department is looking for candidates who can achieve the level-one firefighter classification in Québec.

Getting to that level means putting in 255 hours of training over a two to three-year period.

Candidates must have a high school diploma and live within a five-minute travel time from the fire station.

Being in good physical shape and being available to respond to calls is also essential.

The call for new firefighters in Grenville comes two months after nearby Brownsburg-Chatham terminated seven new firefighters from its department, just before they had completed training.

That decision, which the municipality claimed to have made for budgetary reasons, prompted outrage from the municipal firefighter’s association.

Anyone interested in becoming a firefighter in the village of Grenville has until January 14 to do so. Application forms or résumés can be submitted, or more information obtained at [email protected]