To The Editor,

“$595 Million to ‘help Canada’s media sector’ is Justin Trudeau buying journalism in Canada.” – Michelle Rempel, Calgary MP, November 18, 2018.

This means the government’s message will be essentially be controlled by Justin Trudeau.  Nothing we as Canadians have to say will hold water.  There will be no way to oppose what the current government is doing except at election time, and if by then the precedent has gone too far, it will continue.  Media control has already been happening, but if you as a taxpayer let this happen, your voice, and possibly your vote, will eventually not be relevant at all.

The Globe and Mail is going along with it.  They say this is to “protect the vital role that independent news media play in our democracy and in our communities”.  How does distributing money amongst a few multinational journalists empower us?  Allowing Justin Trudeau to do this is allowing him to decide who gets money to survive.  It certainly does not demonstrate journalistic integrity on the part of any journalist who accepts the bribe.

Paying off journalists is an abomination.   So is the suggestion of a proposed federal budget that won’t be balanced until 2040.  The federal budget that is in place currently is not being followed.  Justin Trudeau gives out money that we don’t have.  It has to be borrowed.   He makes decisions to give out millions of dollars on things like women’s issues disguised as health issues, and to organizations that line the pockets of a select few.   Many of the beneficiaries are people  like Warren Buffet for Planned Parenthood whose main premise is to capitalize on abortion and suggest not reproducing at all.  Another is Hillary Clinton for helping her contacts in other countries that support The Clinton Foundation.  Hundreds of millions, amounting to billions, are landing in the laps of globalists who care little for the Canadian people.

These things suggest that corruption and deception are the norm by which Canada is governed, and endorsement of a government that is rapidly becoming a dictatorship.  Allowing this to happen is accepting the demise of our children and grandchildren.

Laura Lea Macaulay
Vankleek Hill