On November 24, 2018, École polyvalente Lavigne celebrated its 50th anniversary during an emotional evening attended by nearly 350 people, the vast majority of whom were former students.

In addition to viewing a film of the history of their school, the guests were able to make a tour that, according to many, demonstrated the many changes that have taken place over the years. They also attended a show and an exhibition of works of art presented by current students of the school who wanted to take part in these great festivities.

In addition, several testimonies were heard, including that of Mrs. Chantal Lavigne, the daughter of Dr. Lavigne in whose honor the school was named. Mrs. Lavigne recounted how much her father was proud to have given his name to this Francophone school.

Finally, the opportunity was perfect to unveil the new name of the auditorium following a survey that was conducted of the entire Argenteuil community. La Salle Cécile Wojas was named in honor of a retiree from the school board who was part of the first cohort of science teachers at École polyvalente Lavigne. She had been very involved with students and has also been recognized for her community and political involvement in her region.

The Rivière-du-Nord School Board wishes to thank the members of the organizing committee for the work done as part of these commemorations. It thanks all the people who came out to mark the event, those who enlightened the evening with their testimonies and the students of the Art courses for their most touching involvement.