Here’s what happened when Brownsburg-Chatham council met on December 4.

Director General Hervé Rivet reported that the urbanism and sustainable development department approved more than $14.8 million worth of new construction, renovation, and other building permits in 2018.

The fine for using cannabis in any public place in town is also going up.  Council approved a regulation to increase the fine from $100 to $250. Mayor Catherine Trickey said the intent is to have to have the law on cannabis use match the law on tobacco use in public.

Council approved applications for two grants totaling $17,800 to help cover the cost of 911 emergency number services.

A road project in Brownsburg-Chatham that was started this year will be completed in 2019. A culvert on Montée Robert was replaced.

Council has applied for financial assistance through the gas tax rebate program for funding to repave the section of road where the new culvert was installed.