Boisés Est denounces Ford government’s cuts to Francophone services commissioner, French-language university

Boisés Est has reacted to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s announcement that the government would eliminate the position of French-language services commissioner and its cancellation of plans to build a French-language university. The Ontario government also announced it would move the Environmental Commissioner’s office within the services offered by the Ombudsman.

But Friday afternoon, the Ontario government said it will take action to bolster the French language in Ontario, although it is still cutting the funding for the planned French-language university.

The Ontario government has said it will re-create the French-language services commissioner as part of the Ombudsman services and will appoint Caroline Mulroney as the Minister of Francophone Affairs, in addition to hiring a senior policy advisory for Ford’s office.

Last week, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP Amanda Simard spoke out against her own government, saying she was disappointed and frustrated.

The following is a press release provided to The Review by Boisés Est. An English translation follows.

Boisés Est s’objecte vivement aux mesures du gouvernement de l’Ontario qui menacent les services en français et l’environnement.

Le conseil d’administration de Boisés Est, l’Association française des propriétaires de boisés privés de l‘Est de l’Ontario, tient à exprimer ses vives préoccupations quant aux coupures budgétaires annoncées par le gouvernement de l’Ontario qui remettent en cause le Commissariat aux services en français, et annulent le financement de l’université de l’Ontario français. Nous sommes également préoccupés par l’élimination prévue du Commissariat à l’environnement de l’Ontario.

Notre mandat est d’offrir des services en français aux propriétaires de boisé privé. Pour répondre à ce mandat et aux attentes de nos membres, nous dépendons d’une infrastructure provinciale et nationale. À notre avis, la décision du gouvernement ontarien menace sérieusement cette infrastructure, et donc les intérêts des propriétaires de boisé francophones.

Nous appuyons sans réserve les démarches entreprises par l’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario https://monassemblee.ca afin de trouver une solution à cette situation.  Nous encourageons par ailleurs nos membres à considérer y prendre part.

Pour tout renseignement, communiquer avec Jean-Claude Havard au 613-673-3089 ([email protected]).

The administrative board of Boisés Est, a Francophone association of private woodlot owners in Eastern Ontario, has expressed grave concerns about the budget cuts relating to the French-language services, the government’s cancellation of a French-language Ontario university and it is equally concerned about the elimination of the Environmental Commissioner’s office.

The group’s mandate is to offer services in French to the owners of private woodlots. To maintain this mandate and support its members, Boisés Est depends on provincial infrastructure and feels this is a threat to French-speaking woodlot owners.

Boisés Est says it supports the initiative of l’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario https://monassemblee.ca as it searches for a solution and in the meantime, Boisés Est encourages its members to get involved.

For information, contact: Jean-Claude Havard au 613-673-3089 ([email protected]) .

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