Urbano Fumagalli, mayoral candidate for the Township of Champlain, is promising to bring proven leadership and professional expertise to energize growth in the township.

Fumagalli, who possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, says he has 22 years of honourable service with the Canadian Armed Forces, proven experience in strategic planning, 10 years of experience planning and managing international operations, has successfully managed multi-million-dollar budgets and is an experienced team leader.

As the only candidate independent of the current municipal council, Fumagalli says he will use his professional expertise to establish a long-term strategic vision for Champlain Township.

“This township’s future growth and societal well-being depends on the key decisions taken today; we can’t afford to wait another 4 years,” says Fumagalli.

He says he has three priorities. One of them is a commitment to take action to stop tax increases.

“I recognize that our township’s financial health is a top priority and that additional revenue is needed to pay for our constantly-increasing costs. Instead of raising taxes, we need to focus on economic development by attracting new families and businesses. They would increase the tax base, promote economic growth, and generate more revenue. We need to examine key locations around Vankleek Hill and L’Orignal that could benefit from the extension of new municipal services and zoning approvals for residential and commercial lots, thus encouraging local contractors and construction promoters to invest in our area,” Fumagalli points out.

A second priority for Fumagalli is the need to support local businesses.

“Our local businesses need to be key partners and leaders in the region’s future growth. Vankleek Hill’s Main Street and L’Orignal’s waterfront draw business and tourists to the area. These key areas should be encouraged because their increased success represents growth and prosperity for the Township. I propose re-establishing a local business committee co-chaired with the Township in order to align our interests and to inform a strategic plan for long-term investments.

In the same vein, I believe the time has come for our region to increase tourism through careful investment along our waterfront in order to attract boaters, cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts. Furthermore, well-established events in Vankleek Hill should be encouraged to increase the scope of their activities to include more venues, activities, and participants,” Fumagalli stated in a press release.

A third priority for Fumagallis vibrant communities and the quality of life that goes with that.

“The quality of life in Champlain Township is exceptional; as Canadians we are privileged to live in such a safe and stable country. However, the citizens of Champlain should not accept to settle for the status quo of the last 20 years, or else other innovative regions will attract the young families and newly retired professionals looking for an exciting place to live. As Mayor, I will listen to the ideas and support the initiatives of Champlain’s citizens when planning for future events and important projects that impact our community,” he emphasized.

You can reach Urbano Fumagalli by calling 613-677-3633 or by sending an email to: [email protected]