Alfred, September 28, 2018 – The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) today became the latest municipal partner to join the Farm 911 Emily Project, which encourages agricultural landowners to have civic addresses assigned to vacant land entrances.

Farm accidents can occur in remote locations on a rural property – often kilometres away from the nearest residence – making it challenging for first responders to access the emergency. By having a civic address assigned to every farm property entrance, a 911 roadside sign can be installed, helping first responders to more easily locate the entrance in the event of an emergency.

Today, during the installation of the first address post on a farm property in Prescott and Russell, Warden François St-Amour expressed the UCPR’s proud support for the Farm 911 Emily Project. “When a homeowner acquires a building permit, they also receive a 911 location sign; however, as we know, many of our farmers’ fields are located at a distance from the house. Putting up 911 signs on farm laneways and entrances provides more accurate locations to our first responders.”

The Farm 911 Emily Project was created as the result of a tragic fatal farm accident, in which seven-year-old Emily Trudeau lost her life on a rural property in Tweed, Ontario. Emergency crews were called to the scene, but first responders were unable to locate the exact location, due to lack of address. Although they were eventually flagged down on the roadside, Emily unfortunately suffered traumatic injuries and later passed away in hospital.

“This project is critical to improving emergency response in a rural area like Prescott and Russell,” stated Michel Chrétien, Director of the Prescott and Russell Emergency Services. “We encourage property owners to inquire about the program and to apply for these civic addresses and signs.”

Each municipality has its own requirements that must be met for a property entrance to qualify for a civic address, and its own fee structure for assessment and signage installation. To apply for an address and signage, property owners are requested to contact their municipal authority directly, who will assess the safety and suitability of the property entrance for accommodating emergency vehicles. The municipality will then work to ensure proper installation of a 911 sign.

For further information, please contact your local municipality or visit the following website: