When Rockland, Ontario musician, Yvan Petit, heard about the Ten Guitars project, he said, “I’m in.” Petit, who has been playing the guitar since age ten, has been the lead guitar for the award-winning country artist, Johnny Reid, since 2000. But he thought Ten Guitars was an important project. The brainchild of fellow musicians Denny Welburn and Paul Johanis, the Ten Guitars CD pulls together ten local and Ottawa area musicians, doing ten different instrumentals and it’s all a fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society serving Ottawa and Renfrew County.

Hearing music helps Alzheimer patients recall their ‘music memory’ and music therapy is used to lower anxiety levels in patients. It helps caregivers as well and the Alzheimer Society will help families and caregivers put together a music CD of favourite tunes – for free.

‘Ten Guitars’ features musicians who have been involved in the local music scene for decades. Petit is still an active touring musician and collectively, these musicians have been providing some of the best music to come out of Ottawa and the surrounding areas for decades. All the proceeds – 100% – go to the Alzheimer Society serving Ottawa and Renfrew County. Visit www.alzheimer.ca for more information.  Check out Ten Guitars website – www.tenguitars.ca. Buy the CD online at  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tenguitars or at Legend records in Ottawa.