To The Editor,

It seems Reefer Madness is a real affliction and its menace is growing by the hour. Otherwise sane people are going berserk after only a few whiffs of a pot plant, experiencing wild phases of euphoria and visions of grandeur. I speak of the rapid growth of cannabis stocks which are rising exponentially. Floating on visions of tonnes of marijuana being consumed by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Coca Cola is getting into this next best thing, planning pot-infused drinks. The two parent companies of Corona and Guinness beers also have plans for such products and have invested heavily. Universities will be graduating students with a Masters or PhD in advanced knowledge of pot. The job market for such degrees is said to be red hot. Things are smoking on the cannabis train. What could possibly go wrong?

There is a resemblance between the craze happening now over marijuana and the tulip bulb frenzy which took over Holland in the 1630’s. It is said that at the fiasco’s height, two of the rarer bulbs were worth the price of a decent house in Amsterdam. The bulb market lasted for about three years before crashing totally and those left holding the pricey commodity could find no other use for tulips except to plant them. A lesson was learned then which seems to have been forgotten now: Do not invest in flowers!

Lately the US border people have been giving warnings which seem to be almost completely ignored by those afflicted with Reefer Madness. Cannabis is highly illegal under US Federal law. If questioned on the subject by border agents, a person wishing entry into America must answer honestly regarding her/his pot use. Saying yes can mean a lifetime ban on entry. Lying gives the same penalty except without the possibility of a waiver. Persons who own pot stock or work in the production or sales of marijuana are considered traffickers and since the admission would happen on US soil, that individual could be charged on the spot. At best a big pack of troubles. At worst a stint in a Federal

Reefer Madness seems to have infiltrated the brains of politicians and law makers also. Supposed legalization has turned simple a black or white scenario into a thousand shades of grey. Pot is legal to possess and consume only when (enter caveats here) or else it is not. Growing is legal in some regions but not in others, limited to four plants per household and seeds must be government supplied. Impaired driver testing can take up to half an hour to get a result, reliable only if the ambient temperature is five degrees or higher and the machine is stable on a level surface, leaving lots of room for challenges.

The government has many plans on what to do with the all the revenue which will certainly flow in. First up is to educate Canadians on why we should not use drugs. Second is to battle the opioid crisis. Paying for a pipeline is running a distant third. They also expect the five million or so folk who already consume to give up on their “guy” and head to
the cannabis stores, to pay twice the going rate plus PST, and have ID registered to make certain border officials know to whom to ask the question and make lying impossible.

After October 17 all loyal Canadians are expected to fire up government weed, eat pot edibles, and slurp cannabis drinks. Consider it a patriotic duty.

“To be sane in a land of Reefer Madness is in itself madness.” J-J. Rousseau paraphrased.

Gordon Fraser, Greenlane Road, Hawkesbury