To The Editor,
Hi, yeah it’s me again. Let’s chat. This letter is in response to Jim Walsh’s letter. You know what it will take to survive: jobs.

I read your letter how you, and I quote “We did everything we could to provide our children with every advantage.” That wasn’t quite true. You and all the other people who were born and raised here in Ontario, you never did all you could. For 65 years, you’ve allowed Quebec to take advantage of you and your families and your province. You never took a stand, you never did squat. Because you let it go on for so long, now they’re dug in like a stick.

I’ll tell you what, Mr. Walsh, you want jobs, get the government of Ontario to place people, O.P.P. and representation of labour at both bridges; the one in Gatineau and the one in Hawkesbury. Every Quebec contractor gets turned away and told they will never work in Ontario again. Then you’ll have jobs, Mr. Walsh, the trades; roofing, construction, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, electrical. A future for the young people of this province and a future for the province itself.

The letter sent in earlier of providing a place for people to retire was an excellent idea. Many people retiring don’t need big homes, small homes are very smart and popular. I mean really small that all could afford. That way we would have jobs and taxes.
Let’s put our cards on the table; this part of Ontario is already under attack. Mass deforestation by the farming community and no don’t blame people like me forcing you to clear-cut because of the writing on the wall, as Angela Dorie wrote in 2017. Thre is no writing on the wall, never has been, never will be. You farmers have never been told what to do, and never will be. Besides, our politicians don’t know how to write, only how to wrong.

Let’s look at what we have –  air pollution is the number one killer on the planet, thanks for taking down all the trees. Here in South Eastern Ontario, we have the highest rate of cancer in the province.

Monsanto and Bayer suffered a huge blow last week following a jury awarding it a California grounds keeper $288.2 million in a landmark lawsuit claiming the company’s weed killer Roundup causes cancer. Am I the only one that sees a correlation here? A list of thousands of people looking to sue the weed and seed maker for similar allegations is in the works.

Our rivers, streams and lakes and oceans are being polluted by all of us and farmers included with their nitrate-based fertilizer.

We already have Ivaco in the area. Do we really want another Quebec-owned polluter, just to make a buck and not a future? It is up to you people of Ontario, you can get on your computer and email the local politicians and provincial ones too. Hell, go federal, give’em hell and say no to Colacem.

Or you can do what most of the people with power have done for decades, sit on the sidelines with your heads buried in the sand, kiss your children’s future, the province’s future and yeah, the planet’s future goodbye. It is your choice.
Andy Perreault,
Vankleek Hill