“The beginning of Hawkesbury is a fascinating and intriguing study of local history. It all began due to the easily accessible, vast regions of untapped trees and a swiftly moving current of water between two islands.”

This text, by Irving B. Lachaîne and Nancy (Gray) Lachaîne, is what welcomes the curious to the current exhibit at Hawkesbury’s Le Chenail Cultural Centre.

The exhibit centres on Hawkesbury’s origins, from the Hamilton family to the Hawkesbury Lumber Company and the Snye Community.

Featured are incredible pictures (with captions and context), brief historical lessons, key pieces, an array of financial statements, maps, information and items on the prohibition and much more.

The exhibit will be at La Maison de l’Île until September 9.

A Eucharistic celebration held at the Chenail in 1942.


An authentic accounting ledge from the Hamilton Brothers’ mills, circa 1870.


Summer 1930. The Perley Bridge is being built. The couple standing in front are Wilfrid Lacelle and Eugénie Sabourin.


Financial statements for all sorts of transactions from another era.