To The Editor,
My name is Ken Joyce and I am trying to locate the family of Lucien Joseph Durocher who was born in Casselman on 27 June 1920.
Lucien served with British Special Operations Executive during World War II as a wireless operator for a Jedburgh (sabotage) mission in Southern France.
He was the only confirmed Canadian Jedburgh. I have tried to look up the name Durocher but there are quite a few in your area. I have written two I thought might be relatives with no reply.
At present I am completing a book on Canadians that served with British Intelligence During WWII. The main reason I am trying to contact surviving family members is to try and locate a photo of Lucien in his uniform.
I am contacting you hoping that you might know someone in Casselman such as an expert in local genealogy who can help me out.
Kind Regards
Ken Joyce
Editor’s Note: The Review sent Mr. Joyce contact information for the Francophone Hawkesbury genealogy group and for the Vankleek Hill Historical Society as a starting-point.