Training for a five hour Toronto Marathon. One step closer to qualifying for the Boston Marathon before my 70th birthday. July, 30th. My  first pre-Toronto Marathon 35-km time trial .

My first of three 35-km time trials before the  October 21st Toronto Marathon. It’s not magic. Just a lot of hard work, planning and intense training. What worked.  For the first time the nutrition, hydration and bathroom planning worked.

The supper before the time trial. Steak, potatoes and green beans. The 7 am breakfast on the day. Cereal, milk and honey, a banana and 4 teaspoons of natural peanut butter. The 8 am breakfast.  750 ml of Whey protein sports drink with added  electrolytes. The 9 am planned  bathroom stop before and hopefully the end of the 6 mile stops that  have cost me time on all previous marathons.

The 10 am start. 500-750 ml/hour combination water and water/electrolytes. Energy chews with caffeine every 40 minutes.  19 mile caffeine and sugar shock. What did not work. Picking up the pace too soon. I tried picking up the pace at 14 miles which proved to be an issue near the end but the caffeine and sugar shock saved the day.

Summary. Not my best time trial. Need to work on the pace throughout. Starting slower and building. My bathroom plan worked for the first time. Do I stop to pee? Only when I’m racing inside.

The rest of 2018. 19th August. Lachine/Bonneville Half Marathon. Time to beat from 2017 is 2.33.50. Going to be happy with a 2 hr and15 minute time. September 6th.  35-km Time Trial.  Target time 3hrs 50 minutes. 19th September. My 68th birthday. September 23rd. Army Run, Ottawa. Half Marathon. I would like to achieve a 2 hr and 10 minute time. October 4th. Final 35-km time trial before the Toronto Marathon. Target time 3 hrs and 45 minutes.

Toronto Marathon 21st October. Goal is 5 hours which is  27 minutes faster than Ottawa Marathon 2018 and 1 hour and 28 minutes faster than 2016 Ottawa Marathon. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at age 69, before I’m 70. The plan. All half marathon: . 2 hrs and 10 minutes. May 26th. Ottawa Marathon.  4 hrs and 40 minutes. 19th September. My 69th birthday. Toronto Marathon. 4 hrs and 20 minutes.

May 2020. The Ottawa Marathon. 4hrs and 10 min. Boston qualifying time, four months before my 70th birthday. My qualifying for the Boston Marathon will be a special day and I have chosen to walker race in Ottawa. One more bucket list item to be completed.

After my 70th   birthday the qualifying time is 4 hrs and 35 minutes. Race walking is an Olympic sport, Walker Racing is not yet…