Police are investigating another drowning in the Rouge River.  According to Radio-Canada, a 20-year-old man disappeared into the river on Monday afternoon in Huberdeau at around 3:00 pm.  He was swimming with three others at the bridge where Route 364 crosses the river.  The Sûreté du Québec began searching that evening and has used a helicopter and three divers to aid their efforts.  The three other swimmers, who were having difficulty in the water, were rescued by a man on the riverbank who noticed them struggling.  He jumped into a kayak and paddled out to assist them.  As of Wednesday morning, though, the search for the body of the young man who was pulled underwater on Monday was still taking place.

Due to its strong currents, undertows, and frequent sections of whitewater rapids and falls, the Rouge River is especially dangerous for swimming.  A 17-year-old male drowned in the river near Huberdeau on the Canada Day long weekend.  The river is a popular destination for experienced whitewater rafters and kayakers, but it is also attracting a lot of weekend visitors who are less-skilled in those conditions.  Water safety, traffic, and littering are causing concerns and challenges for local residents and municipalities.