Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell unveiled its 2018-2021 strategic plan on June 12. This plan is the result of extensive consultation with Valoris professionals and the community. Focused around a main issue, namely the quality of clinical services, it comprises three priorities determined after nearly two years of reflection and analysis. The three priorities are:

• Improving clinical performance;

• Improving organizational efficiency;

• Improving the clientele’s quality of life.

Valoris will also be guided by a new vision: “Valoris is a professional integrated social services organization. It is recognized for its clinical performance and innovation among its clients and its community, and throughout Ontario.” This new vision clearly marks the organization’s intention to take another step towards high-quality services for the Prescott-Russell community, all in an increasingly professional manner.

Through operational plans, Valoris will ensure the three priorities mentioned above are met and will regularly share the progress made for each priority on our Website.

For more details on the 2018-2021 strategic plan, please contact us at 1 800 675 6168.