Has your life gone through an abrupt change lately? Is that change steering you away from what you desire? Or, are you simply looking to open your mind; to find a new perspective through which life and its many surprises could be contemplated?

If any of those statements resonate, young local author Michelle Laliberté may have recently published that must-read you’ve been looking for.

Throughout its 14 chapters, Quand ta vraie nature te parle – Communication avec soi-même, published by ADA Éditions, Laliberté uses a very interesting approach to help her readers “let go and come back to your truth”.

One of the fundamental characteristics of this approach can be observed through the authors philosophy regarding the difference between personality and spirituality – the later being one’s true nature, or vraie nature.

“If you work on the surface, you work on personality. By addressing spirituality, your getting closer to your true nature,” said Laliberté.

For her, it’s not just about self growth. It’s about the approach; the way one allows her-or-himself to grow.

“Spiritual self confidence is very different than the one born out of ego. You can get pumped and primed for anything and feel like you can better express yourself, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. You might just be retreating back to your ego.”

Published by ADA Editions, Michelle Laliberté’s new book will be officially launched on July 24, 7 pm, at Hawkesbury’s Legion Hall on Nelson Street East.

In terms of background, Laliberté is far from novice. Over the last decade, she has shared her findings through online writings and by offering classes and seminars.

One of the events that sparked the book however, was the discovery of a work by Joseph S. Benner, The Impersonal Life, a 1914 work that would become one of Laliberté’s main inspirations.

“He approached the topic in a very interesting way. It’s as if your true nature talked directly to you throughout the book. It’s very direct. He calls it our impersonal side and that’s what inspired me. We all have this impersonal side, our true nature – the other being our personality.”

Laliberté’s recent work was not only inspired by Benner’s content, but by the way he delivered it.

“At the end of every chapter, I revisit the information given in a manner reminiscent of Benner’s writings.”

The young author indeed has a lot to say on the matter. At the time of the interview, Laliberté stated that her second book was already well under way.

“It’ll talk about our ‘je suis’ (I am) a lot, which is another way to define our identities. It’ll be called ‘Je suis ma propre âme soeur’ (I am my own soulmate). I recently realized that the work I had done on my own spirituality payed off. When you do this much work on yourself, dealing with pain and landing on your feet becomes much easier.”

Those interested in learning more directly from the source would do well to visit the Hawkesbury Legion Reception Hall (152 Nelson Street East) on July 24, 2018, at 7pm, for Laliberté will be hosting an official launch for her book.

Books will be on sale at the launch for $19.95 by Laliberté herself. Anyone interested in getting their hands on a copy may also contact the author directly at [email protected] or visit her Facebook page (Michelle Laliberté – auteure).