Children’s Tulip and Spring Flower Show: a Vankleek Hill tradition

The 2018 edition of the Children’s Tulip and Spring Flower Show took place on May 19 at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre. The event, organized by the Vankleek Hill and District Horticultural Society, is an opportunity for children to collect flowers and tulips (they can make arrangement to choose flowers from gardens other than their parents’ garden) and bring them to the flower show for judging. Small cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

Here are the winners from this year’s show.

Finn Southgate won the Gisbert Rosenstein Trophy for the “Best  Tulip in Show”. Quinten MacKinnon won the Champlain in Bloom Trophy for the “Best Flowering Shrub or Tree in Show”.

Red tulip: 1st – Finn Southgate; 2nd – Quinten MacKinnon; 3rd – Emma Amell.

Yellow tulip: 1st – Finn Southgate; 2nd – Kerrigan St-Pierre; 3rd – Bryson Wicki.

White tulip: 1st – Philippe Viau; 2nd – Quinten MacKinnon; 3rd – Emma Amell.

Pink tulip: 1st – Olivia Beauchesne; 2nd – Gavin St-Pierre; 3rd – Emma Amell.

Mauve/Purple tulip: 1st – Bryson Wicki; 2nd – Quinten MacKinnon; 3rd – Kerrigan St-Pierre.

Peach tulip: 1st – Emma Amell; 2nd – Philippe Viau; 3rd – Gavin St-Pierre.

Mixed-colour tulip: 1st – Julie Laframboise-Regnier; 2nd – Philippe Viau; 3rd – Finn Southgate.

Lily tulip: 1st – Finn Southgate.

Double tulip: 1st – Avery MacKinnon.

Frilled tulip: 1st – Quinten MacKinnon; 2nd – Cora MacKinnon; 3rd – Emma Amell.

Yellow Daffodil: 1st – Philippe Viau; 2nd – Bryson Wicki; 2rd – Kerrigan St-Pierre.

White and/or other colour daffodil: 1st – Finn Southgate; 2nd – Olivia Beauchesne.

Paper whites: 1st – Finn Southgate.

Double: 1st – Philippe Viau; 2nd – Emma Amell; 3rd – Finn Southgate.

Spring Flowers in a Jar

Bleeding heart: 1st – Nathan Wicki; 2nd – Finn Southgate.

Johnny-Jump-ups (5 blooms with own foliage); 1st – Gavin St-Pierre; 2nd – Kerrigan St-Pierre; 3rd – Quinten MacKinnon.

Pansies (5 blooms with own foliage): no entries.

Primulas: no entries.

Violets (5 blooms with own foliage): 1st – Bryson Wicki; 2nd – Finn Southgate.

Lily of the Valley: 1st – Finn Southgate; 2nd – Kerrigan St-Pierre.

Forget-me-not (5 stems with own foliage): 1st – Gavin St-Pierre; 2nd – Kerrigan St-Pierre; 3rd – Nathan Wicki.

Any other spring flower (3 stems with foliage): 1st – Avery MacKinnon; 2nd – Cora MacKinnon; 3rd – Kerrigan St-Pierre.

Lilac (any variety) 1 truss, not to exceed 45 cm: 1st – Quinten MacKinnon; 2nd – Avery MacKinnon; 3rd – Emma Amell.

Flowering shrub or tree: 1st – Quinten MacKinnon; 2nd – Bryson Wicki; 3rd – Finn Southgate.

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