The town of Brownsburg-Chatham will be hosting a public consultation on May 23, 2018, at 7 pm in Salle communautaire Louis-Renaud, located at 270, rue du Canton.

The goal of this consultation is to gather opinions and ideas for its new, upcoming multi-purpose centre.

A little over one year ago, the town asked the government for financial aid for this endeavour and managed to obtain $3.8 million for the project.

According to David Toussaint, Recreation and Culture Director for Brownsburg-Chatham, 66% of the funds required for the project were obtained through government funding (33% federal and 33% provincial).

The project originally submitted had a cost of $6 million and included work on the library. According to Toussaint, this additional part is still being negotiated.

As for the multi-purpose centre, many details still need to be hammered out, which is why the town is looking for input from its residents.

So far, the centre will hold two or three multi-purpose rooms, a large gym that doubles as both a reception hall and theatre and a library.

“We want to know what the needs of the population and local organizations are,” said Toussaint.