The Review is excited to announce Beyond Ink, an agency within The Review which offers social media management, website design, marketing support, videos and more to clients. The venture brings together several elements, some of which have been in the works for a few years now.

The Review is expanding its traditional advertising and marketing offerings to help local businesses enhance their online presence. Much of the online buzz is about content and when it comes to small businesses and writing about them in interesting ways, The Review has already been on the job for years.

“People talk about online advertising but you have to dig deeper today to get people’s attention. Saying you advertise online because you have a website isn’t enough. Are you advertising effectively on social media? Are you just selling? Or are you telling a story — about your business and why you do what you do?” asked Sproule, who says Beyond Ink has been in the works for several months to prepare for an expansion beyond the print newspaper.

“The Review was already on its way to offering a complementary digital approach to advertising, but it seemed as if we could expand our expertise and share some of what we knew to help our own customers. We already were sharing a lot of social media tips and advice. But we thought: writing and creating content is what we do. We can do this,” Sproule said.

Beyond Ink manages social media platforms for clients. And The Review’s new offerings, which can work in tandem with Beyond Ink, include sponsored articles, shares on The Review’s busy Facebook page, on client social media sites, and website advertising on The Review’s own busy news website, where local news stories are published daily.

Two years ago, Sproule re-hired former intern Travis Desjardins, after he graduated from Bishop’s University with a business degree in marketing and finance. Desjardins spent several months moving The Review forward with a new, online database for its print subscribers, a new, interactive website with e-commerce and more.

While the Review newspaper staff keeps the place humming, Beyond Ink  is taking on a life of its own with Desjardins as manager of the Beyond Ink team. He is bringing his marketing expertise and his hands-on know-how to the job.

Beyond Ink is all about telling your stories in ways to help your business. We can tell those stories everywhere: in ink, paperless, on websites, in videos and on social media. The options are endless! We use our years of research to get all of these platforms working for you,” said Desjardins.

Contact the Beyond Ink team at [email protected] to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.