It was recently announced that Rodéo Lachute would not be seeing a 2018 edition.

The announcement was made by Événements Lachute and its partners, who stated that the amount of human resources needed as well as financial factors contributed to the event’s cancellation.

Low attendance at the 2017 edition is also a factor, one blamed mostly on bad weather, causing the massive event to financially break even.

Pierre Filion, member of both Événements Lachute and Société d’agriculture d’Argenteuil, stated that they “tried to find new partners to take over, but didn’t succeed.” He added: “We’re still willing to pass the torch to anyone interested in overseeing this project and hope to see it return in the next few years.”

City of Lachute General Manager Benoît Gravel said that the city tried to support the rodeo as much as it could.

Members and partners of Événements Lachute are offering their support if anyone wishes to take over the rodeo’s management.