To The Editor,

Just an interesting observation: Champlain Township is seeking a Communications and Public Relations Coordinator with responsibilities which include to “promote economic development and tourism” along with other duties and responsibilities.

The salary posted for such a position ranges from $55,465.00 to $79,750.00 depending upon qualifications, etc.. That represents approximately between sixty (60%) and eight-five (85%) of the budgeted funds for economic development.

For years including the most recent budget of 2018, Champlain Council budgeted $93,115.00 under the category of “Economic Development”.

The question posed is how intent is the township and at what level of investment is actually being put towards actively canvasing technology and green industries that they and others, namely Action Champlain, proclaim as the future of the township?

If the expectation is development, then focus on a strategy aimed at precisely that as a priority and the other functions of the position as secondary. As proposed in a previous letter to the editor, the writer challenged both the aforementioned parties to research the effort currently being developed in Prince Edward County with private and municipal participation.

Just saying, it’s our future.

Jim Walsh, L’Orignal