Through the generosity of the Scotiabank in Maxville and its “Team Scotia Community Program”, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum received a donation of $5,000 to match money raised at its 20th Anniversary Ice Storm fundraising dinner in February at the Bonnie Glen Pavilion. The purpose was to remember and share stories from one of Canada’s greatest natural disasters, the great 1998 Ice Storm which left thousands without power – forced to live like the pioneers. Through all the destruction, communities came together and pulled through, sharing generators, homes and other resources. The Glengarry Pioneer Museum would like to thank the Maxville Scotiabank for helping make this fundraiser a success, as well as the many individuals who shared their stories and volunteered their time to plan and implement a successful evening. Special thanks also go to everyone at Pridham’s Auction House for volunteering their time to help make the evening both fun and profitable for the Glengarry Pioneer Museum, a charitable organization which cares for and interprets the history of Glengarry County. Pictured from left to right: Carole Dagenais, Cathy Davidson-Grant, Sullivan Van Loon (Scotiabank), Karen Davison Wood, James Prevost (Glengarry Pioneer Museum).