What’s new? If you are running a business these days, there is always something new.

New inventory, new products, new services, new staff and often, innovations to make your business stand out above the crowd.

But don’t use the same old clichés when you talk about your business. Dive deep. Talk about what matters to you. What are you excited about? What have you been working on for the past few months that you are ready to share?

That excitement which motivates you to constantly grow and improve your business and your staff  – plus your experience and knowledge of your products and services is something that you can use to talk to your existing customers. And it is key to winning over new customers, too!

Why is it that everyone who walks into a small business wants to talk to the owner? It is precisely because of your commitment, perspective and thorough knowledge of your business that customers love to connect with you. They know they will receive the best advice and support for their needs.

As a business owner, you like to think that your staff can also go the full nine yards to help your customers. But let’s face it, you’re the boss and customers love to talk to the boss. That’s just the way it is.

What if you could talk to thousands of people, and give them insider insight into your business?

Here at The Review, we know how to talk to thousands of people on a regular basis, because we have a newspaper, an e-edition, a website and a positively humming Facebook page. And we’ve been talking to lots of people for lots of years: 125 years, to be exact. You can just imagine how much change we have seen in that time! And the past 10 years have certainly been a whirlwind of change.

So when our digital media team sat down to think how we could use all of our resources to help local small businesses, we came up with the idea of sponsored articles. But it’s not what you think. You have probably heard of sponsored articles. You usually see these on websites and sometimes, these articles contain information that can be kind of sketchy. We’re not talking about that kind of article.

First off: your sponsored article should contain real and truthful information to do with your business. Whether it is new merchandise or something special about that merchandise (maybe it’s made in Canada or maybe it’s got a lifetime guarantee attached to it) — that is what you should be talking about. Maybe a staff member has been with your company for 25 years and is like your right hand. That is what you should be talking about. Maybe you have signed an amazing new contract with the an overseas manufacturer to buy your products. That is what you should be talking about.

So here’s the thing: Write your story (it does not have to be a novel) and take advantage of what that story can do for your business. What the heck! Live on the edge. Write three, four or five stories! It’s not as hard to do as you might think. And now, the exciting part!

One: Your story will appear in The Review print edition.

Two: Your story will appear in The Review’s paperless e-edition.

Three: Your story will be shared twice on The Review’s GoLocal Facebook page and shared to The Review’s Facebook news feed.

Four: We’ll throw in a paid boost for this post to send it to an extended audience on Facebook.

And one more thing: you can be part of a one-hour workshop during which we will focus on how to write engaging content and we’ll share some of our best Facebook tips for your business.

If you’re not convinced yet, let me go over all of that again. Just kidding. I’m sure you got it the first time.

Want to find out more? Email: [email protected] — yes, she’s the boss, so you can start at the top and she’ll put you in contact with the best digital geek on our team to give you the lowdown on this affordable, innovative, cross-platform, one-size-fits-all, rang-dang doodle way to win new customers. How? With the straight goods. And that’s the truth.