The Nation Municipality hosted its first annual Volunteer Gala on January 27at the St-Isidore Recreation Centre. Nearly 150 people attended gala, where The Nation councillors recognized and thanked the volunteers who have given their time to the municipality and also those who have volunteered in numerous community groups. The volunteers and their guests were treated

to a cocktail hour and a supper, after which the councillors announced the recipients of the Volunteer Awards: Roxane Ryan (Ward 1), Laurence & Yvon Besner (Ward 2), André Vinette (posthumously for Ward 3), and Rachel & François Sigouin (Ward 4). They were each given an original painting by a local artist as a token of gratitude.

“As a resident and Mayor of The Nation, I am very grateful for everything the volunteers have
done for The Nation and their communities. The impact that they have had is immeasurable; they have directly contributed to the well-being and growth of The Nation. Roxane Ryan, Laurence & Yvon Besner, André Vinette, and Rachel & François Sigouin are community heroes who spearhead great initiatives that are inclusive and aim to continuously improve their communities. The values inherent in the spirit of volunteering – dedication, compassion, altruism, and teamwork – are found in each one,” said François St-Amour.

“The hours that these volunteers have dedicated to their communities is priceless. Each
volunteer is an asset and together they form the fabric our community – welcoming, fun and
healthy. Particularly Mr. Vinette (who was a member of The Nation Municipality Recreation &
Culture Advisory Committee) has made significant contributions to the recreational services. He
had a great passion for the well-being of his community and a joie de vivre that always brought
out the best in those around him; this, coupled with his great knowledge and compassion, made
him an asset to the organizations he was a member of,” added Carol Ann Scott, Recreation Coordinator in The Nation Municipality.


Roxane Ryan (centre) was nominated and selected as recipient for Ward 1. Of her many years as volunteer for her community, her work this past year stands out in particular. She dedicated an immeasurable amount of time and effort into organizing the activities and book celebrating the village of Fournier and the St-Bernard Parish’s sesquicentennial anniversary. The resident that nominated her highlighted the time she has devoted to her community, her hands-on work and sound judgement.


Laurence and Yvon Besner were nominated and selected as recipient for Ward 2. This incredible team is characterized by goodwill and kindness. Since the early 1990s, they have given their time to their community through various organizations and have devoted many hours to their local parish whether by working at the monthly bingos whose profits were redistributed among local non-profit groups or by helping prepare the mass. The resident that nominated this couple highlighted their work promoting the French language, through their participation in L’écho d’un people, and their work in helping local seniors by distributing fresh hot meals through the Meals on Wheels program.





André Vinette was selected as recipient for Ward 3 and awarded the Volunteer Award posthumously. Over the years, Mr. Vinette has had a great impact on his community and its surrounding area. He was a member of numerous organizations, such as the Corde à linge, the Parish Finance Council, the St-Albert Recreation Committee, the Knights of Columbus, and The Nation Municipality Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee. The resident that nominated Mr. Vinette highlighted his great generosity, implication in his community, joie de vivre, and compassion, which will be greatly missed. Mrs. Vinette (centre) accepted the award on her late husband’s behalf.







Rachel and François Sigouin were nominated and selected as recipient for Ward 4. This couple has dedicated many years to the well-being of the village of Limoges. While they devoted their time to various organizations (such as the Limoges Optimist Club, Limoges Citizens’ Committee, and Limoges Recreation Committee), their contributions to the realization of the Limoges Health Hub stand out in particular, for they have led fundraisers and local initiatives that have been integral to its success. The resident that nominated Mr. and Mrs. Sigouin describe the couple as the pillars of the community and represent the values important to volunteering: dedication, collaboration and kindness.