Dalkeith Historical Society held a successful fundraiser at the Vankleek Hill Scotiabank on November 28, 2017.  From the $2000 sales of homemade cookies, Robertson Mills honey, ornaments, sunflower seeds and more, came $2000 in matching funds from Scotiabank .  Events planned for 2018 include an indoor vintage yard sale, a spring paddle on the Rigaud River and more.  Connect with the Dalkeith Historical Society Facebook page to stay up-to-date.  Photo far left: Pam Lecours, Manager, Vankleek Hill Scotiabank; far right: Laura Kral, Senior Financial Advisor. Historical Society members (in no order): Frances Fraser, Corry Olsthoorn, Maggie Dean, Garry Mullin, Douglas Irvine, Joelle Claudon, Helen Kaufman, Peggy Phillips and Clara Taylor.