There two sides to all changes in our society.
Raising the minimum wage is one that seems necessary for workers but may have negative impacts in the workforces and consumer pricing.
What caused this to become an issue? Disparity.
Look at the earnings and benefits that MPs in provincial and federal governments have voted themselves over the last few decades or so, then follow this up with very similar earnings and benefits for all levels of civil servants and para-governmental agencies and professions.
Is this not a two-class society?
Add to this disparity, our social programs that, to some extent, compete with the low-income earners who, in some cases, may benefit more from social assistance. Some of these programs have benefits that the average worker may not be covered for or can afford to purchase.
Our governments have willingly or not created a two-class society and a huge disparity in our society.
How does a government get out of this mess and be seen as heroes?
Raise the minimum wage (it is necessary due to disparity) and be seen as caring for the people. No excuses for having hugely contributed to and or created the issues nor address the disparity.
Now, we already know who pays for the salaries and benefits for their own group even when retired and or voted out by an election (private industry calls this firing) and guaranteed employment and we all pay again and repeat again for the impact the wage adjustment will create.
Are they doing this for the population or are they preparing for re-election. $14 and $15 minimum wage in my mind, is not the problem and may not solve the problem in the long-term.
The real issue is disparity which has created two levels of citizens within Canadians. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.
What a major disappointment for our society and democracy that many fought for – for those who lost loved ones in wars, etc. to protect our democracy that may be out of control, and or in the least became two-tiered. Lords and the peasants.
Is there a solution?
Richard Charest,
Vankleek Hill