Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante answers Hawkesbury Mayor’s letter

Hawkesbury Mayor Jeanne Charlebois wrote a letter of congratulations to Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante. And Plante wrote back.

In November, during a United Counties of Prescott & Russell meeting, Hawkesbury Mayor Jeanne Charlebois wanted the UCPR Council members to send a congratulatory to the newly-elected first female Montreal Mayor, Valérie Plante.

After a heated exchange between Mayor Charlebois and Mayor François St-Amour of The Nation, then Warden Gary Barton went around the table asking if the UCPR should send the congratulatory letter. Every member said no.

“I guess, it’s not going to happen under my signature,” said Barton.

“It’ll happen under mine,” replied Charlebois, and it did. Mayor Charlebois sent her letter to the new Montreal Mayor and received a letter back, thanking her for the gesture.

Below is a copy of the letter from Mayor Valerie Plante to Jeanne Charlebois.


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One thought on “Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante answers Hawkesbury Mayor’s letter

  • December 19, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Mayor Jeanne Charlebois , I can not understand the mentality of the others, I think it was a very good gesture on your part to congratulate the First Lady Mayor of Montreal.

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