Place La Seigneurie in L’Orignal has effectively doubled in size with the official inauguration of the second phase of the project, which added 15 new lots, three of which are already sold. The new development offers municipal water, natural gas and high-speed internet through a newly-installed fiber optic cable.

Neil Levac and Luc Bertrand are the minds behind the Place La Seigneurie project, which will ultimately include five phases. The initial phase of this development offered 17 wooded lots.  Due to the success of the first phase, Phase 2 includes 15 lots ranging in size from 32,500 sq. ft to 58,000 sq. ft. Phase III will connect the neighborhood to County Road 4.

“We have a very mixed clientele who buy our lots,” says Bertrand.

“We have a lot of health care professionals, police officers, teachers, but we also have people buying lots and building houses who are retired and are looking for a peaceful neighborhood that is surrounded by nature.”

In recent years, Bertrand has seen a rise in buyers which have one partner working in Montreal and the other in Ottawa. Another plus is that many companies now permit employees to work remotely. According to Bertrand, the fiber-optic high-speed internet that is available in the neighborhood will play a major role in attracting young families to the Place La Seigneurie.

“Although governments work a little too slow for my taste, we always had great support from Champlain Township. It’s our seventh project and we are really proud of what we’ve accomplished. We are very protective of our projects and we have control over what can be built here. We approve the plans to protect the visual landscape of the area and to not potentially lower anyone’s property value by having houses in the neighbourhood that are not up to par,” said Levac.

Neil Levac and Luc Bertrand are proud to have hired local companies to do the work for both phases of the project; they plan to do so for the remainder of the phases.

“Well, that’s the whole point of the project. This kind of development will not only create a new tax-base, but has and will also be spending millions of dollars locally. We created a great place to live for the young and the old. It’s a mix of suburbia and country living,” said Levac.

Phase II of Place LA Seigneurie still has twelve lots for sale. People interested in buying or information can call Neil Levac at 613-794-2286 or Luc Bertrand at 613-677-6579.