Suzie Hinson of the Friends of Feral and Abandoned Cats organization, wants people to know that having a cat is a responsibility and that cats are animals and not something you can casually dispose of.

“We have 16 colonies in Hawkesbury and cats are being fed all the time. When people with low income have cats, we help them pay for food. When we do fundraising, we use the funds pay for the neutering of the cats. We have volunteers that feeds the cats, another one offers transports and brings them to the veterinarian and back to the colony. We also pay for flea treatments so that people get to keep their cats at home. We are registered with the government of Ontario, but we are also in the process to become an official non-profit organization to help us raise more funds,”  says Hinson.
The organization is grateful for three winter houses for cats donated recently by Cat Rescue Network and Foresters International.

People interested in adopting a cat can contact the group through its Facebook page, Friends of Feral Cats Hawkesbury – Suzie Hinson.