From November 19 to 25, the Prescott-Russell Coalition in Action to Prevent and Stop Bullying will mark Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week as a way to put an end to this social problem.


During Bullying Awareness Week, the Coalition will post messages on Facebook (@pruniscontrelintimidation) to encourage people to take positive action to prevent and put an end to this widespread problem.

According to the Government of Canada, high school students engage in bullying behaviour at a slightly higher percentage than those in elementary school. However, the percentage of victims decreases gradually with age.

What to do in bullying situations

If you are bullied, do not hesitate to tell someone you trust. This person can help you to find solutions to get out of the situation. Do not deal with this problem alone.

If you are a victim of cyberbullying, you must immediately stop responding to the intimidating messages and block the people who are bullying you. Save all the messages and show them to a trusted person who can help you.

If you are a witness, you must intercede to help the victim and stop this type of behaviour. By being an onlooker in such a situation, you encourage the bully to continue.

Interesting resources are available for children, parents and professionals on the Coalition’s website at For additional support, call 1-800-675-6168.